Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shake a Leg

Buster remains restless.  Right now he's giving an indignant look about his imprisonment.  He paces a little and shakes his back half, something I don't recall him doing after his last surgery.  He certainly was more heavily drugged after his first TPLO.  He certainly is quieter when he's more heavily drugged.

He continues to be needy.  He even barked at me when I went upstairs to fold laundry.  I try to make it up to him by staying close and spending time giving him attention and affection but I can't spend all day at his side.  So I try to leave for errands every day, whether I go to the gym or to Costco (where we buy his frozen blueberries).

He did drink this afternoon.  He continues to drink water with diluted amounts of broth, a bit of pumpkin, or other flavoring.  We make plain water available to him at all times but he does not drink it.  So we offer the flavored liquid after meals and once or twice a day, allowing him to drink as much as he wishes when he will drink.

When he steps outside for his 2- to 3-minute forays, he is quite fast and heads off to the plaza every time.  I'm amazed at how fast he can move, despite the surgery.  Dog loves his plaza life.  I had to carry him home again today when he would not come back.  So much for my heavy lifting training!

Today Buster would like to give a shout out to his cousin, Hannah Hound.  Hannah was a stray who got hit by a car, which broke her leg.  A vet pinned her leg and later removed the pin.  Hannah went to the PSPCA, where my sister recommended her to Karl when he wanted to adopt a dog.  Hannah, in turn, recommended Sharon to Karl and a few years later they wed.  Good girl, Hannah!

The life of a stray is dangerous, as Hannah and Buster know.  They also know that most abandoned dogs don't end up with animal-loving families like theirs.  Spay, neuter, adopt, and keep your animals for life.

My family has a lot of pets.  If I work them all in, you will hear about dogs, cats, horses, lizards, and ferrets.  Those are just the current members...many others have spent their lives with us.  We are the better for it.

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