Saturday, December 3, 2011

Free From Shame

Buster had a great day--Dadurday is always a favorite day.  Yesterday was an excellent day too.  I took Buster for his suture check.  They removed the staples (How is that done?  Is there a big medical-grade staple remover?) and proclaimed the stitches well healed.  So as long as he leaves the incision alone, he's free from the cone of shame.

The first thing Buster did after I removed the cone was to wag his tail.  He then immediately cleaned his tail.  Then he kissed me.  Fun!  I carried him inside and he got a big drink of water on his own.  He spent a lot of time sniffing things because he could finally get his nose to the surface.  He spent a very long time smelling me.

We're two weeks post-op.  The swelling stopped nearly 8 or 9 days ago.  Buster is weight bearing and trying to play and run and jump.  This is still prohibited so we're keeping him medicated.  His mood is greatly improved since we removed the surgical collar.

Tune in tomorrow.  We'll offer a video on how to lift your dog.  Great for fitness buffs and dog lovers.

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